Permaculture is more than just good gardening.  It is a lifelong approach to analysis, actions and social structures that results in better relationships, more functional systems and a clearer understanding of everything necessary for human communities to thrive. – CJ

Learning opportunities:

Volunteer Tuesdays  9am – 12 noon
Join us in the gardens to learn and participate. Weather and schedule dependent – please let us know you are planning to attend:

Tuesday, September 21, BBG 6pm – 8pm
What is Permaculture?
From school and community gardens to backyards and balconies, Permaculture creates self-renewing, bountiful landscapes with fewer inputs and greater yields. Claudia Joseph is a permaculture gardener, instructor and designer in Brooklyn. Her workshop will include exploration of BBG’s herb garden and address how and why permaculture methods are perfectly suited to small, urban spaces.
Free of charge but you must pre-register.

S.W.A.L.E. The Permaculture barge and art project docks at Brooklyn Bridge Park. Pier 6.  Take the B63bus.
Discussion on building a Public Commons by installing a useful landscape food forest style. September 24, 3pm.

NYC Permaculture Festival & Skill Share
October 15, 2016
10am – 4pm
contact: permie































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Permaculture article in Edible Brooklyn:

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The Permaculture-Exchange was established in 1998 to facilitate the free exchange of ideas, materials and labor related to permaculture.Job offers, fee-based environmental events, and permaculture courses have been added to the list coverage. Members can post information that follows permaculture's basic principles of care, respect and fair share; recognizing our human communities as natural systems by promoting better efficiency, more cooperative relationships and greater abundance for all.

Claudia Joseph, founder and Director of the NY Permaculture Exchange, is a permaculture teacher, consultant and community gardener.  As the Director of Environmental Programs at the Old Stone House she has designed and installed a permanent useful landscape with students, apprentices and volunteers as well as the programs and events that promote community sustainability.

Recognized by The New York Times, The Old Stone House – MS 51 Partnership Gardens are the first Food Forest model in NYC, based on permaculture design principles. The project began in 2004 and becomes more complex, beautiful, abundant and community centered each year.

Field Practice at the Old Stone House continues as weather permits
Contact to volunteer.

Highlights of our 2012 Permaculture Festival:

A short piece on OSH programs by Costa Boutsikaris

Interview on OSH project & permaculture:

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