The New York Permaculture Exchange is located in the hamlet of Tillson in the small Town of Rosendale, between New Paltz and Kingston in Ulster county in the beautiful Mid-Hudson Valley.

Permaculture is more than just good gardening. It is a lifelong approach to analysis, actions and social structures that results in better relationships, more functional systems and a clearer understanding of everything necessary for human communities to thrive.
Claudia Joseph, Founder and Director NYPE

The new demonstration site for applying permaculture principles in designing a small landscape while improving the function and economy of a 100 year-old home is moving forward. Learning opportunities will be offered, Spring 2024.

The Rondout Creek and the Wallkill River, border the flat plain of sandy loam (the remnants of glacial melt) that is distinctive to the Tillson area. Rosendale has an agricultural history in addition to the famous Rosendale cement mines (1825-1910). IBM influence the entire upstate region and their departure in 1994 from Kingston left a jobs vacuum as well as polluted landscapes. Agricultural and cultural endeavors are numerous in the area and many artists have found refuge in the scenic landscape. The contrast between what came before and after is more noticeable as time passes and more NYC dwellers realize what a beautiful place this is to live. Rosendale does a good job of listening to all voices; as in most places, inclinations are at both extremes of the political spectrum. Permaculture practice engages with both social and material concerns and during this period of divide it is critical to recognize the basis of constructive conversation. For me, this is a principle goal.

Rondout Valley Permaculture meet up. Come to meetings to learn skills and techniques, see models and talk with others who are interested in permaculture. Organized by Claudia Joseph.

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The Permaculture Exchange began in 1998 in Oakland, CA as the East Bay Permaculture Exchange. The first East Bay Permaculture Convergence, organized by the Exchange in 2001, was met with great enthusiasm and strong attendance. After moving to NYC, New York Permaculture Exchange hosted many Permaculture Festivals at the Old Stone House of Brooklyn, our home base and long-term project. Courses and workshops were taught throughout the 5 boroughs over the course of 18 years.

Claudia Joseph, founder and Director of the New York Permaculture Exchange, is a permaculture teacher, consultant and practitioner, certified by Permaculture Institute of North America and Permaculture Institute, USA.

Contributing Author
2022  The City Is An Ecosystem: Sustainable Education, Policy, and Practice
Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group

Media & links
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2011 Recognized by The New York Times, The Old Stone House – MS 51 Partnership Gardens are the first Food Forest model in NYC, based on permaculture design principles. The project began in 2004 and becomes more complex, beautiful, abundant and community centered each year.

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