Guild activities have been suspended since 2019.   The existence of the guild made the Permaculture Festival and Seed Celebration possible since these events required many hosts. Outings to garden projects, re-localization efforts  and reducing waste were some of the topics addressed at meetings as well as music, food and good company.

The Park Slope Permaculture Guild supports permaculture actions and relationships in our community.  Our meetings are for celebration, inspiration and the positive exchange of information.  As a group we run two events annually: The Spring Seed Celebration and Swap and the Fall PermaFest and Skillshare.

Permaculture Social: November 30th

Please join the Park Slope Permaculture Guild for food, drink, conviviality, and cross-pollination. Bring friends, neighbors, family. We welcome the perma-blitzed, the perma-smitten, the perma-oblivious, and the perma-curious. Join us to connect, reconnect, and have a rollicking good time!

Food and drink will be potluck, so please bring an item to share. We appreciate all offerings – and we’d be especially delighted to try your latest batch of home brew, foods you’ve grown or gathered, dishes you’ve made yourself, something that holds special meaning for you or comes with a story.

To make this event trash-less, bring your own plate, utensils and cup.

Please RSVP in advance

contact:  permaculturexchange

We also host 2 events each year: The spring Seed Celebration & Swap and the fall Permaculture Festival & Skillshare. Our 10th Annual Seed Celebration and Swap held on Feb 5, 2015.