Fee based apprenticeships and small group learning days can be scheduled by contacting NYPE:

Attn: Claudia Joseph
New York Permaculture Exchange
P.O. Box 44
Tillson, NY 12486

Consulting  and Coaching.

NYPE workshops and courses will be scheduled soon. Consulting, garden walks and private coaching are available now, at a flexible hourly fee.
Trades and alternative payment methods are invited.
Special rates for those living within the Town of Rosendale.
Online or phone consultation are available.

Learn Mid-scale and Home compost management .

Understand soil, sheet mulch and raised bed systems.

Add food, medicine and craft material to your landscape with annual and perennial plants.

Mitigate drought, flooding, temperature fluctuations and wind effects on your property.

Improve ecological function and beauty by designing with plants that support wildlife, including birds, bees and butterflies.

Increase the yields, economy and functionality of your structures, livestock and landscape.

Lecture Topics:
Perennial Food for the Home Landscape
Food Forest with Onsite Materials
Mid-scale Compost Systems & Soil Health
Low Maintenance Design for Public Spaces
From Barren to Abundance: Planting an Urban Lot