Consulting for city or country properties.  

Resilient Gardens for drought, flood, temperature fluctuations and wind effects.

Improve ecological function by designing with nature.

Increase the yields, economy and functionality of your structures and landscape.

Bird and pollinator support, herbs, craft material and medicinals.

Rates for verbal consultations: $150 per hour/ $50 hour plus expenses for travel

Minimum 4 hours/day rates on inquiry

Maps and drawings available for additional fees.

One day Permaculture Fundamentals $1,500

Two Day Permaculture Fundamentals $2,500

PDC and APT courses, please contact

Fees vary for 2 hour lectures, depending on size and location:
Perennial Food for the Home Landscape
Food Forest with Onsite Materials
Mid-scale Compost Systems
Low Maintenance Design for Public Spaces