NYPE workshops and courses will be scheduled soon. Consulting, garden walks and private coaching are available now, at a flexible hourly fee. Contact permaculturexchange@gmail.com for more information.

Rondout Valley Permaculture; https:
December 7, 2022, 7pm
Local Trade Night
Marbletown Community Center
Marbletown, NY

May 3, 2021

Masked, outdoors at Marbletown Community Center, Marbletown, NY  
Plant, seedling and seed swap 6:30pm
See details at Rondout Valley Permaculture meet up: https://www.meetup.com/RondoutValleyPermaculture

2020 Seed Share

We sadly suspended the Seed Celebration & Swap at the Old Stone House after 14 consecutive years.

Find NYPE at the Rondout Valley Permaculture Meetup, Monday, February 3 at 7pm at the marble town Community Center. Claudia Joseph will give a seed talk and share seeds. There will also be a demonstration of seed carving. Free. Bring envelopes so we can share bulk seeds. Everyone welcome.

8th Annual NYC Permaculture Festival
Saturday, October 26, 10am – 4pm
Old Stone House in Washington Park
Park Slope, Brooklyn . 5th Ave @ 3rd St

“Designing Change”
National, Regional and Neighborhood Re-localization Strategies
climate . resilience . business models . ecology . food . community
8th Annual NYC Permaculture Festival
Door Prize! Two Dina Falconi books:
Earthly Bodies & Heavenly Hair: Natural and Healthy Personal Care for Every Body and
Foraging & Feasting: A Field Guide and Wild Food Cookbook 
– illustrations by Wendy Hollender Everyone has a chance to win!
Opening Statements
– Kim Maier, Executive Director OSH
– Ryan Gellis, Garden Director, OSH
What Is Permaculture? Open Forum
– led by Claudia Joseph, Director, New York Permaculture Exchange
Large and small scale organizing:
Permaculture Institute of North America (PINA)
Permaculture Guilds – Claudia Joseph & Open Forum
Local Organizing – Worker Owned Cooperatives
– Rebecca Lurie,
Lunch Break – Stone Soup Social
Mid-sized networking: Permaculture Association of the Northeast (PAN)
– Claudia Joseph & Open Forum
Extinction Rebellion (XR) presentation and Q & A
-XR Team
Screening with local filmmaker Lesley Topping

“A River Returns: A History of the Bronx River”
All day Compost Education – DSNY
10:30 – 12:30 Fungi and compost demonstation – Gil Lopez
Garden Walks – Ryan Gellis
Information Tables
-Cooperative Enterprise Alliance of NYC
-Extinction Rebellion – Julie Peppito Prints to Benefit XR
– The Creative Mapping Project with Chris Faroe:
Learn to use permaculture tools to design more sustainable careers, creative projects, and community ecosystems.
-Community Information

14th Annual Seed Celebration & Swap!
Saturday, February 9th, 2019
1pm – 5pm

Got Seeds? Potential abounds as we approach spring. Come meet other gardeners and trade remains of your favorite packs, seeds you decided not to plant or seeds you have saved. Please label your seeds with variety and year. Learn about planting and growing seeds. Free seed catalogs. Art packs for sale from Hudson Valley Seed Company. Saved seeds from the OSH garden to clean and take home. Free seeds from Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Co, Fruition Seed, John Scheepers and High Mowing Organic Seeds. Bring seedy snacks to share! Email permie@earthlink.net if you wish to add something to this event.

This is a free event. You do not have to bring seeds to attend.

7th Annual Saturday, October 13, 2018  10am – 3pm
Old Stone House & Washington Park, Brooklyn, NY

This year’s celebration will embrace the site host gardens and reveal the long history of their design, installation and care. Fourteen years of labor and love will be reviewed as we turn the gardens over to a new director. Tours on Native Plants, Herbal Healing, Fruit Yielding Shrubs and Trees, Dye Plants and Permanent Insectary Hedges.

Indoor discussions on pioneering public spaces, community organizing and challenges and solutions for urban permaculture projects will be discussed in an open forum format.

Vendors, Music and Food.

October 13th, 6pm
Garden Benefit Dinner
Details soon.

Saturday, February 10th, 10am – 3pm
Old Stone House & Washington Park
Brooklyn, NY

Seed & Gardening Education, Seed Trading, Free Seeds, Compost Training
Blue Lotus Botanicals – Seedy Soaps! and Garden Train – new District 15 School Garden working-group.
13th Annual Seed Celebration & Swap
Seeds! Seeds! Seeds! Bring seeds to swap – seeds you have saved yourself from plantings, half-used favorite packs or never opened things you found you couldn’t use. We are offering seeds collected in our OSH landscape & gardens (pollinator plants, job’s tears, agastache, etc.), leftovers that we re-ordered new, unusual things people have given us and hundreds of packs from outstanding companies who generously donated. Every person gets at least one pack of seeds for free.

View seeds in their whole form – you can clean seeds yourself and take some home. A great activity for children. Talk with other gardeners about what they plan to plant! Information on how to save seeds, how to plant, and why heirloom and organic seeds are important, compost training, and some garden books to browse for ideas. Free catalogs from great seed companies.

For sale: Hudson Valley Seed Co. Art packs – selected for city growing.

Fedco Seeds – we will share the seeds we plant in our OSH gardens – bring envelopes or containers so we can divide packs. If we want, we can make a group seed order or figure out how to do this next year to get a discount from Fedco.

District 15 Garden Train is a new working-group to organize school gardens on a social level – this means pooling information to learn how to make school gardens more sustainable. With people entering and leaving every year, school gardens face specific challenges. Garden Train is interested in developing a model that can be implemented in every district in NYC. Stop by their table to discuss.

Blue Lotus Botanicals will offer wonderful Seedy Soaps and healing creams to sooth winter skin conditions.

One never knows who or what will turn up at the Swap!


6th Annual Permaculture Festival and Skill Share
at the Old Stone House & Washington Park

October 14th, 2017
10am – 3pm

Film 11:30am
“The Mushroom Seekers” with filmmaker Pam Kray
A multi-country examination of mushrooms and mushroom gatherers.

Walks 10:30am- 2pm (meet in the gallery to begin)

10:30am Bird Walk with Dan Joseph
11am Native Plant Walk with Mackenzie Younger
11am Sweet Action Poetry Collective
1pm Medicinal Plant Walk with Anne Wiesen

1pm Tree Bed Care/Planting with Talia Willner (TreePEP)

2pm Seed Walk with Carlos Espinal

Pancakes 10am – noon.
Apples and Cider from Fishkill Farms CSA
Food from SkyIce 12pm – 2pm: authentic provincial Thai food and all natural homemade artisanal ice cream.

Roti Ice Cream – fresh baked roti from the oven with a half scoop of Thai Tea ice cream, sliced bananas, a dollop of whipped cream, sprinkled with almonds.

Massaman Curry mixed vegetables and a side of roti.

Fred Scholl & Marty Bostoff

Poetry with Sweet Action Poetry Collective 11 am – 1 pm

Sweet Action poets read their work and host Poetry Therapy hour to nurture your inner poet–share a poem, take a poem, get a writing prompt. Picnic table in the north garden. Sweet Action Poetry Collective has been writing and sharing their work in Brooklyn since 2014, when it was founded by Mirielle Clifford and Julie Hart.


Blue Lotus Botanicals, Herbal Apothecary
Herbal tinctures, syrups, body care, soap
Red Barn Wraps – Waxed Sandwich Wraps
handmade items & edibles
Haus Dress Himalaya – Global Fashion

Mythologie Skincare – Facial Oils

Earthship Model Kit – Model Eco-Houses

Red Bridge Studio – Original Art , Tees and Bags

Aurora Plantworks – Creative Planters

Ms K’s General Store: handmade items and edibles

Tables & Stations

Registration – front desk of the gallery

Natural Plant Dye – Jennie Maydew, Textile Arts Center

A demonstration of dye techniques with plants from the OSH gardens.

Painting with Clay Pigments, Kathy Price 11am – 1pm

Natural Cleaning Solutions – at Blue Lotus Botanicals

Compost Club – near the Bins in the Farm Garden. Join the club today!

Bugs of Washington Park – Gordon E., Jr. Entomologist

Seed Saving – Carlos Espinal, 100th Seed

Solar Cooker Demo – Solar Cookers International

350BK – Climate Change Information

Plastic Bags Costume Making Workshop 1pm – 3pm
Artichoke Dance Company frequently addresses the topic of plastic waste in our waterways and creates their costumes using this technique. A brief movement experience will be held following the costume making. Join in the Park Slope Halloween Parade with#GetOrganizedBK and 350 BK. In the parade there will be signage linking fossil fuel use to plastic consumption, a pipeline monster with signs “Slay the fossil fuel monster” and “Bring Your Own Bag” signs.

SkyIce/Jonathan Bayer: 63 5th Ave, BK eatskyicenyc.com

Pam Kray: http://www.pamkray.com

Fred Scholl: https://www.facebook.com/Fred-Scholl

Dan Joseph: http://music.danjoseph.org

Mackenzie Younger:  www.nativenygardens.com

Anne Wiesen: http://www.designbyplants.com

Talia Willner: Tree PEP: treepep@gmail.com

Carlos Miguel Espinal: http://www.100thseed.org

Jenny Maydew: www.textileartscenter.com/

Compost Club: firstbastian@gmail.com
Ms K’s General Store: va-sk@juno.com

Artichoke Dance Co. Lynn Neuman, Director: www.artichokedance.org

Sweet Action Poetry Collective:

Solar Cookers International: www.solarcookers.org

350 BK: 350bk.org

Blue Lotus Botanicals: liz@bluelotusbotanicals.com

Red Barn Wraps: www.etsy.com/shop/redbarnwraps

Haus Dress Himalaya: hausdress.com

Mythologie Skincare: www.mythologieskincare.com

Earthship Model Kit: www.earthshipmodelkit.com

RedBridge Studio: https://www.facebook.com/RedBridgeStudio/

Aurora Plantworks: auroraplantworks.com
Freshkills Farm CSA:

New York Permaculture Exchange:

The Old Stone House: theoldstonehouse.org

Thank You! to our Volunteers:

Helen Zuman, Annette Slonim, Aaron Smith, Frank Samperi, Elizabeth Royzman, Bruce Cory, Kathy Price, Renée Peperone

Saturday, February 4th . 10am- 3pm
The Old Stone House & Washington Park
(Btwn 5th & 4th Ave and 4th & 3rd St) BK

Seeds, catalogs, gardeners. FREE
Seeds for trade and to buy – seedy potluck.

A tradition at the Old Stone House, the Seed Swap promotes community networking, seed preservation, food sovereignty and regenerative gardening practices. A talk on seed saving starts the day at 10am and there will be catalogs from heirloom and organic seed companies to take home. You don’t have to bring seeds to attend!

Discover unusual seeds from the OSH gardens or purchase heirloom Art packs from Hudson Valley Seed Co., selected with urban needs in mind. Search our treasure house of donated seeds. We will have tea, catalogs, information and a table-space for making a community seed mosaic. We offer whole seeds to clean and take home, seeds for free. Bring a seedy snack for potluck. Free.

5th Annual NYC Permaculture Festival & Skill Share
In Memory of Bill Mollison: 1928 – 2016
October 15, 2016
10am – 4pm at the Old Stone House & Washington Park
Park Slope, Brooklyn (btwn 4th and 5th Ave and 3rd and 4th St)

A full day of demonstrations, talks, hands-on learning, garden walks, art, music and more.




October 15, 2016

This Festival is dedicated to Bill Mollison, co-founder and father-figure of the permaculture movement. Mollison gave birth to the body of knowledge he called Permaculture in the mid 70’s, with co-founder David Holmgren.  He traveled widely to spread the practices – teaching people how to feed themselves while restoring landscapes around the globe. He is revered in Vietnam where Permaculture was adopted as the national agricultural method: it is practiced in 140 countries by more than 3 million people and his work earned him a Right Livelihood Award in 1981. ”Australia and the world have lost one of its most influential thinkers on community-led approaches to sustainable development.  Author, educator, academic, researcher and innovative thinker, Bill Mollison, died peacefully in Hobart, Tasmania, on 24 September.”

– from permaculture australia.org    see also: #Planted for Bill and

In Memory of Bill Mollison https://www.facebook.com/groups/618041141700206/

The only ethical decision is to take responsibility for our own existence and that of our children.” – Bill Mollison


Fred Scholl & Friends, blues & rock


10am Pirates, Princesses & Pancakes Park Slope Parents’ Benefit for OSH $10

Pizza! Brick Oven Brooklyn’s Jace Harker will fire up the outdoor oven 12 noon – 3pm
Indoor Activities 

10am  Festival Welcome & Moment of Silence in remembrance of Bill Mollison

10:30 Public Space: OSH Connecting the Commons

11:30am  Food Justice Roundtable with special guests Ruby Olisemeka of Harlem Grown and Jiwon Choi of Brooklyn Bears Garden

1pm Anthony B. Rodriguez with his film, Botanical Explorers: The Fruitful Forest

2:30 Open Source software for social organizing with Dana Skallman

Outdoor Walks 

Walks will meet on the west (playing field) plaza, rain or shine

10:30am Bouquets from Nature walk with Kim Fenwick

11am Making Smudge Sticks with Sage walk with Ini Udosen

12 noon Herb walk with Anandi Premlall

12:30pm Tree & Shrub Health walk with Aaron Smith

1pm Seed Collection walk with Marisa Prefer

2:30pm Forage & Tree Identification walk with Andrew Faust

3pm Garden walk with Jon Crow

3:30pm Herb walk with Sheryll Durrant
Field Activities
11am Posture Workshop with Eric Levinson, north garden
Marking Contour: stormwater mitigation techniques, west plaza throughout the day

Demonstrations, west plaza

10am Dying Fabric with Plants with Hester Griffin

1:30pm Job’s Tears Necklaces with Renée Peperone

2pm Herbal Syrup for Cold and Flu season with Elizabeth Scholl
3pm Natural Paints with Callen Zimmerman

Crafts & Organizations west plaza
Blue Lotus Botanicals, Liz Scholl, soaps and tinctures for sale
Heidi Vandiver, waxed sandwich wraps

Brooklyn Society for Ethical Culture, Seed mosaics
GreenwoodRobinson LLC, stormwater gardens
Kiki & Friends, Aromatherapy for Pets

Marisa Prefer, Herbal tinctures for sale

Red Bridge Studio, Tyshawn Henry hand printed fabrics, shirts & bags

The 100th Seed, nutrition, Seed cleaning and saving
350BK: Climate Justice is Social Justice

NYC Compost at Brooklyn Botanic Garden – near the Farm Garden

Mandala Farm – Edible & Medicinal Perennial Plants Nursery, west plaza


Blue Lotus Botanicals, Elizabeth Scholl:
http://www.bluelotusbotanicals.com and facebook Blue Lotus Botanicals-Herbal Apothecary

NYC Compost at Brooklyn Botanic Garden, Aaron Lee:

Brooklyn Society for Ethical Culture: Sunday Platforms & Ethics for Children program

53 Prospect Park West, www.BSEC.org

350Brooklyn works locally to solve the climate crisis through education, organization, and direct action; an affiliate of the international climate group 350.org, and we sponsor protests and rallies, lobby days, community panels, film screenings, and reading groups. Visit 350brooklyn.org

Jiwon Choi, educator and gardener: jiwonny@gmail.com

Jon Crow: Community Gardens leader BANG Land Trust https://banglandtrust.org

Sheryll Durrant, Sustainable Flatbush, Community Outreach/Urban Farm Garden sheryll@sustainableflatbush.org

Andrew Faust: permaculture teacher and consultant; http://www.permaculturenewyork.com

Carlos Espinal, 100th Seed Project empowers communities in reconnecting with their food source through urban farming, gardening and green space initiatives.  www.100thseed.org

Kim Fenwick, artist & events organizer: mailto:  kfenwick@theoldstonehouse.org

Hester Griffin, Urban farmer, gardener, educator, natural plant dyes: griffin.hester@gmail.com

Brick Oven Brooklyn, Jace Harker, organizer : http://meetup.com/brickovenbrooklyn/

New York Permaculture Exchange, Claudia Joseph, Director: Consulting and education:
https://permaculture-exchange.org and permie@earthlink.net

Kiki & Friends, Aromatherapy for pets – high quality products made from the finest ingredients with a full spectrum of benefits for your pets health, happiness and well-being.  www.kikisfriends.com

John Paul Learn, Mandala Farm: Edible and Medicinal Perennial Fruit, Nut, Vegetable, and Herb Nursery: http://www.mandala.farm

Eric Levinson, Naturopath, CNHP:

Ruby Olisemeka, Farm manager and educator, Harlem Grown harlemgrown.org

Elizabeth Onorato, Artist: e.onorato@verizon.net

Renée Peperone, BK ROT/ Know Waste Lands Compost & Wildlife Garden: bkrot.org

Permascape Design, Mark Scaramucci: mailto:m.scaramucci@gmail.com, http://www.permascapedesigns.com or https://www.facebook.com/permascapedesignsCO/

Marisa Prefer, educator, herbalist, artist marisaprefer@gmail.com

Anandi A. Premlall: Urban + International Permaculture Educator + Farmer. Doctor of Mama Earth.  Art + Wellness + Ecology about.me/aapremlall

Red Bridge Studio, Tyshawn Henry:  handprinted fabrics: Shopredbridgestudio.com

GreenwoodRobinson LLC, Samuel Robinson, stormwater mitigation gardens: http://www.greenwoodrobinson.com

Anthony Basil Rodriguez is a New York born independent photographer and filmmaker: https://vimeo.com/revofthought and Rodanthony46@yahoo.com

Aaron Smith, is a  NY Certified Arborist with Arborpolitan Inc. aaron@arborpolitan.com

Ini Udonsen, Green Educator: https://www.facebook.com/SacredAnomaly/

Heidi Vandiver, natural bees-waxed sandwich wraps: heidivandiver9@gmail.com

Annette Slonim, The Edible Schoolyard: www.edibleschoolyardnyc.org

Callen Zimmerman: Textile Arts Center callen@textileartscenter.com

THANK YOU!  Volunteers & Guild Members: Natalie Cushman, Michelle Bernardi, Jane Tomkiewicz, Adam Geriak, Annette Slonim, Elizabeth Onorato, Aaron Smith, Renee Peperone, Christian Hudon, Helen Zuman, Jace Harker, Dan Joseph, Mark Scaramucci, Elizabeth Royzman, Kathy Price, Bruce Cory
Thank you! Old Stone House Staff:  Kim Maier, Maggie Webber, Mina Jones and Vik Bensen

THANK YOU! to Our Donors

2017 Permaculture Calendar by Scott Mann: show@thepermaculturepodcast.com
and https://www.facebook.com/thepermaculturepodcast

2017 Forage and Feasting calendar:   http://www.botanicalartspress.com Also, find Foraging & Feasting:  A Field Guide and Wild Food Cookbook by Dina Falconi; illustrated by Wendy Hollender celebrating our local bounty and traditional foodways.

Fishkill Farm CSA: http://www.fishkillfarms.com/  or https://www.facebook.com/fishkillfarms/

Be sure to check out our new Worm Bench in the North Garden: deposit your whole foods waste there. Processed food waste can be deposited in our curbside Organic Waste containers.

Feb 4, 2017
12th Annual Seed Celebration and Swap


The 2016 Seed Celebration & Swap!!!
Our 11th Annual event, celebrating the renewal and hope of another gardening season. Alway Fun -Always Free!

For more information, contact permie@earthlink.net

Microsoft Word – PFEST4flyer.doc

Don’t let a little wind and some dampness keep you at home! John Paul Learn has free plants to give away and Kevin Nathaniel Hylton will be closing the day with acoustic African percussion. Crafts, skills training, lectures and trades are on! Saturday, Oct 3, come to the permaculture Skill Share Festival at the Old Stone House.


*see extended notes for full explanations

10:15am – 11:30am outdoors

Interactive Workshop*
with Artichoke Dance Co.’s Lynn Neuman

10:30 – 11am indoors
Earthen Plasters
with Mirielle Lamaine & Greg Todd

11am – 12pm indoors
Power Perennials: Superheroes in the Garden*

with upstate farmer Daphne Boss Ayalon

12pm – 1pm  indoors  Making Tinctures and Salves
with Liz Scholl of Blue Lotus Botanicals

1pm – 1:30pm indoors & 1:30 – 2pm outdoors

Pollinators in Brooklyn Gardens

Talk and Field Walk with Garden Designer Cindy Goulder

2pm – 2:30pm indoor then 2:30 – 4pm outdoor

Forage: Food is Medicine
Talk indoors/outdoor field study with Dan de Lion

Brick Oven Baking with Jace Harker

Mending & Embellishing with Hester Griffin


3pm Global Music Kevin Nathaniel Hylton


10am – 12pm
Compost in the Farm Garden wih Pieranna Petroni

10:30am Urban Tree Health

Field study with professional arborist Aaron Smith

11am Sheet Mulch in the Farm Garden
with Elizabeth Onorato

John Paul Learn – plants for food forests

Worm bin, garden stories, leaf art, seed cleaning & more

with Sustainable Queens’ Anandi Premali & Friends

Brooklyn Society for Ethical Culture – Seed Mosaics

350.org Brooklyn

Transition Hub NYC & Dan Miner

Vokashi Kitchen Waste Solution – Japanese ferment

Gowanus Canal Conservancy Design Charrette

Mud Village’s Ephemeral Piazza – outdoors*

Soaps, Salves & Tinctures – Blue Lotus Botanicals

MS 51– TerraCycle Collection with Rhonda Keyser

The Nomad9 Interdisciplinary MFA *

2015 SKILL SHARE @ The Old Stone House: Biographies, Contact Information & *Extended Notes


Daphne Boss Ayalon lives on Dingle Hill Flowers & Herbs farm, a holistic farm in the Catskills. She grows and wildcrafts essential medicinal herbs by practicing permaculture and beyond organic methods. The farm is also a sanctuary for native and endangered botanicals. dinglehill@outlook.com *Power perennials are the real workhorses in the garden, benefiting us and the ecosystem in multiple ways. This presentation offers some insights about their history, growing conditions, and uses. http://www.dinglehill.com

Cindy Goulder designs and installs residential gardens in Brooklyn and ecological landscape projects throughout the region.  She loves to share her love of nature! www.cindygo.net

Mireille Lamaine, co-founder of EarthWorks Natural Building, is a landscape and garden consultant. earthworksbuilding.com

Dan de Lion is an Earth Herbalist, Forager, Musician and Teacher dedicated to working with Nature to facilitate the reunion of the people with our planetary purpose. http://returntonature.us

Elizabeth Onorato is a master composter and accomplished artist.

Pieranna Pieroni is a BBG-trained master composter and Brooklyn Urban Gardener (BUG), who also teaches a garden-based urban sustainability summer program for New York City public high school students.

Anandi A. Premlall is a Certified Permaculture Educator and Earth Activist, as well as Sustainable Communities Consultant of Sustainable Queens (SustyQ). SustyQ promotes health and community engagement by integrating artistic creativity, holistic wellness practices, and ecological principles of building healing spaces.  www.facebook.com/SustyQ

Liz Scholl is a certified Master Herbalist and owner of Blue Lotus Botanicals, a locally based, herbal body care company. She teaches workshops in the New York/New Jersey area on a variety of gardening and herb related topics. liz@bluelotusbotanicals.com

Greg Todd  is a permaculture practitioner active in the Imani gardens in Crown Heights.  www.green-Phoenix.org.

MoS Collective http://www.moscollective.net
Dee Dee Maucher – designer, instigator and artist of the MoS Collective dd@moscollective.net
Shig Matsukawa shig@goodmicrobes.org

John Paul Learn resilient plants, propagation techniques http://sixtastes.weebly.com/

Jace Harker physicist http://www.meetup.com/Brick-Oven-Brooklyn/

Hester Griffin – mending, embellishments & natural dyes

Artichoke Dance Co., based in Brooklyn, is known for humorous theatrical athleticism, innovative partnerships, engaging community programs and confronting contemporary social issues.  Under the direction of Lyn Nueman, the Company’s stage and site specific performance works have been presented in New York and across the country for nearly 20 years. http://www.artichokedance.org
* Trail of Trash is an interactive workshop for families and youth that will illuminate, through treasure hunt style gathering, interactive mapping, and physical movement, the pathways that trash follows in New York City. Led by Artichoke Dance Company, participants will also learn movements from Native American dances and rhythms to accompany the dances; culminating in a short performance piece with participants that illustrates the journey of trash and our connection with and responsibility for the earth.

Blue Lotus Botanicals is a small batch pure and organic herbal body care line, formulated by a Master Herbalist and handcrafted in Northern New Jersey. The products feature organic, locally grown and responsibly wildcrafted beneficial herbs, sustainably sourced plant based oils and butters, reusable packaging and are paraben, formaldehyde and phthalate free. http://www.bluelotusbotanicals.com

Brooklyn Society for Ethical Culture The Brooklyn Society for Ethical Culture (BSEC) was founded in 1906 to create a supportive community within which people learn, grow, raise families, and act to create a better, more humane, and sustainable world for all. The Ethics for Children program at BSEC welcomes children of all ages into our Sunday program. http://www.bsec.org/

Gowanus Canal Conservancy http://www.gowanuscanalconservancy.org/
Vokashi & Vandra Thorburn Japanese fermented waste method – for all kinds of food waste – turns waste into a benefit. http://www.vokashi.com

MS 51 & Rhonda Keyser TerraCycle baby food pouch (Ella’s and & drink pouch collection by MS 51 parents – (fundraiser for a water bottle refill station at MS 51)

Transition Hub NYC & Dan Miner Transition is an approach to community networking that addresses the challenges we are facing with climate change and the new energy economy.     transition.nyc.hub@gmail.com, www.transitionnyc.org 

350Brooklyn Information on climate change and climate actions https://actionnetwork.org/groups/350-brooklyn

Mud Village’s Ephemeral Piazza – outdoors http://www.moscollective.net

“The MudBall Ball”: a celebration of Symbiosis and Bioremediation with designer Dee Dee Maucher of MoS Collective: beneficial succession of water, air soil & (our)selves. Beneficial MudBalls Revitalizing Waterways with Dee Dee Maucher and Shig Matsukawa. Wendy Henry,( LAc and Registered Trainer of the National Acupuncture Detoxification Association) of Acupuncture Mobile Services seeks to bring acupuncture and imagery into community-based settings, offering both direct services and educational training:  Community Relief & Rebuilding through Education & Wellness.  Ted Hall make seed balls with wildflower seeds and microorganisms to revitalize and repair our urban landscapes. ted@seedball.us

The Nomad9 Interdisciplinary MFA is a low-residency MFA that has been designed with a permaculture ethos. Stop by to learn more about how this grad program brings together art, ecology, and the study of place. Created for artists with roots in their communities, this low residency program has some full and partial scholarships available.  www.nomad9mfa.org


Kevin Nathaniel – a visionary musical artist. Using the voice and ancient instruments, Kevin Nathaniel resonates healing songs of unity and love in some of the grooviest ways possible!
THANK YOU! Park Slope Permaculture Guild Members and the many, many Individuals who volunteer their time & good spirits! Thank you to Fishkills CSA for donating fruit. The Old Stone House supports permaculture and the public commons.  Become a Friend of OSH: http://theoldstonehouse.org/support/donate/
Join the NY Permaculture  Exchange list service new-york-permaculture-exchange+subscribe@googlegroups.com free
Park Slope Permaculture Guild  https://www.facebook.com/groups/837162853030540/

Spring 2015

15 Swap

10th Annual Seed Swap & Celebration!
Saturday, February 7, 2015
at The Old Stone House
Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY
10am – 3pm free

This joyous event is for everyone – from beginners to the most experienced landscapers and gardeners. We offer a variety of heirloom seeds for sale as well as organic seed collected from the gardens of the Old Stone House. OSH specializes in wildflower seed for pollinators and vegetables that are appropriate for urban gardens. Perhaps most importantly, we grow community by offering a place for gardeners to gather and exchange information. Hands-on demonstrations, sales, educational materials, books to browse, seed transplanting, compost tutorials.
This annual event brings together gardeners of all stripes to engage in the traditional activity of trading seeds. Our seed heritage is as old as our love of great food and Brooklyn gardeners are savvy to the benefits of top quality, organic seeds. Heirloom varieties of tomatoes, lettuce, and root crops as well as more esoteric and ethnically diverse items such as asian greens and amaranth will be featured. The beautifully packaged Hudson Valley Seed Library seed will be available for purchase as well as selections from Fedco’s politically correct line of non-GMO seeds. Treasures from the Old Stone House gardens will include native flowers that support bees and butterflies. Demonstrations on starting seed and transplanting seedlings, sprouting greens, seed cleaning, making seed balls, and how to make compost will be running at tables throughout this event. Plenty of gardeners will be available to answer your garden questions.This event is suitable for both children and adults.

Zach Pickens wil discuss the differences between open pollinated, hybrid, and GMO seeds, seed saving, and the unique aspects of urban cultivation at 10am to begin the event.

The goals of the Seed Celebration & Swap event are to:
• Engage people of all ages and backgrounds in learning to growing plants
• To offer planting, care, harvest and seed collection information
• Promote permaculture (sustainable design for human communities)
• Build and strengthen community relationships & community resilience

Information About Event Organizers:

The Old Stone House theoldstonehouse.org

The New York Permaculture Exchange permaculture-exchange.org

The Park Slope Permaculture Guild: The Permaculture-Exchange was founded in 1998 by Claudia Joseph, a permaculture teacher, consultant and community gardener, to facilitate the free exchange of ideas, materials and labor pertaining to permaculture and its basic principles of care, respect and fair share. As the Director of Environmental Programs at the Old Stone House, Claudia has designed and installed a permanent useful landscape with students, apprentices and volunteers as well as programs and events that promote community sustainability. Ms. Joseph has offered Permaculture certificate programs since 2001 and also teaches Organic Landscaping Techniques at the New York Botanical Garden.

The Park Slope Permaculture Guild supports permaculture actions and relationships in our community and hosts 2 events each year, the Fall Permaculture Festival & Skill-share and the Spring Seed Celebration & Swap 2014

NYC Permaculture Festival on September 20, 2014 Skill sharing, health & wellness services, a barter market, a gift circle, a talk about soil nutrition & climate change, live music and a picnic dinner at 6pm. This year’s event will be held in solidarity with the Climate Change Convergence planned for September 19th-September 21 across New York City. For more details on the March scheduled for Sunday, Sept. 21,visit: globalclimateconvergence.org

Face Book Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/349845205168042/

9th Annual Spring Seed Celebration & Swap 2014
February 8, 10am – 3pm
The Old Stone House in Washington Park, Park Slope, BK
(5th Ave & 3rd St) (4th& 9th R, F, G) B63
Seed planting information, GMO education, catalogs & books to browse, seed sales and swaps, compost tutorials, gardeners!


Sunday, November 3, 2013
10am – 4pm
2nd Annual Permaculture Festival and 5th Annual Pumpkin Smash!
Skill share: Gardening, Health and Homesteading
Crafts, food, music, & community circles

“Dividing perennials, and uniting gardeners!”

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